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If you already live at Camden Ashburn Farms, and are experiencing similar problems, Direct your complaints to Property Manager, Ashley Smith ( District Manager, Carrie Bolling ( Or call the Headquarters in Huston Texas (713) 354-2500 and ask for contact information for Richard Key or Bridget Valerie.

• My wife and I were told we would have waived pet deposits, due to my wife’s employment with a government agency that had contracts with Camden. After we bought pets, we received a note on our door saying we need to pay $450 per pet, get rid of our pets, or we could be evicted from the apartment. The Leasing Office’s response? “Oh… well we do waive pet deposits for employees from your company… but this $450 isn’t a deposit. It’s a “fee” and those you have to pay. The difference is, we don’t have to give the ‘fees’ back”. (Don’t worry, it gets SO much worse).

• My wife was an unfortunate victim of sequestration and was laid off from her job. While she was looking, I asked for some leniency on the rent’s due date while we moved some money around. After paying the rent on time for over 6 months, we were told, ‘pay in the next 5 days, or we could be evicted’.

• For the reason I stated above, my wife and I got rid of our credit cards and vowed to pay by check, cash, or debit from then on. While we were waiting for our new checks and debit card, the leasing office refused to take any payment for our rent. (For those who aren’t aware, because we weren’t, this is borderline illegal. By law, if a service has already been rendered (i.e. ‘lodging’) it is illegal for a business to refuse cash as it is ‘legal tender’ and used to settle ‘all debts’.)

o We offered to get a Casher’s Check, however the leasing office once again refused this payment as “the denominations on a cashier’s check aren’t high enough to pay the rent, and we don’t take multiple payment… it said this in your lease.” Ultimately, we were forced to get a money order. Which was more of a hassle and more expensive.

• For an entire month, we received email after email telling us ‘if you don’t get renter’s insurance, we could evict you from the apartment.’(Noticing a pattern in their willingness to help the paying customer, yet?) Trouble was… we DID have renters insurance, and it never lapsed for the entire term of the lease! We sent a total of 4 emails, and even had our insurance company, AGI, fax a copy directly to the leasing office before they updated their files.

• On multiple occasions, I had to emails the leasing office (and even call the headquarters to complain) people illegally trying to enter my apartment without giving 24 hours’ notice. On one occasion, I even found a 48 hour back-dated letter on my door as an attempt to pass for ’24 hours’ notice’. The letter stated someone was going to enter my apartment at 9:00 am the following morning. It was 10:30 at night when this letter was posted.

• Towards the end of our stay, the leasing office sent us a reminder of our commitment to give 60 days’ notice with our intent to vacate the apartment. THAT DAY, both my wife and I sent in our written notice to the leasing office with our intent to vacate and never return. Did the leasing office accept this written notice as they are required to by law? Nope. Why? Because the reminder the leasing office sent was sent on the 59th day, and therefore extend our lease from Nov. 20th to November 28th… (some may notice a problem with that date… the leasing office didn’t).

o My wife and I received an additional email several weeks later, informing us that our lease will be extended again, because the leasing office finally looked at a calendar, and realized November 28th was Thanksgiving. Thus, they would be closed the that day, and the following day as well. We offered to return the keys when they re-opened, but the leasing office felt it a better idea to just charge us for those extra two days.

• November 30th, the final day. You would think there would be no problems, right? Nope. My wife and I receive and email from the leasing office informing us that, once again, someone entered our apartment without giving 24 hours’ notice! This complaint was brought to the property manager’s attention, who’s reply was “it was impractical to do so”. Can anyone out there tell me what is ‘impractical’ about following the law?

Stay at one of the other Camden apartments, if you like. I hear good things about other properties. But that’s not saying much since every other property can use Ashburn Farms as ‘the bad example’.

Monetary Loss: $14000.

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You are not alone, Camden in general seems to be money hungry. I lived at a Camden in Frederick Maryland.

Camden clearbrook, have had many issues with them. One their management team is horrible. They will all tell you something different. We dealt with the 60 day notice as well, lucky for you they actually reminded you of the 60 day rule.

Ours didn't the only calls we ever got were to renew our lease because it will go up if we don't by a certain date. A lot of places are 30 days so it didn't cross mind specially being that we had family in town during the holiday time thanksgiving when it would have been around the 60 day notice. Instead we ended up giving 51 day notice, what's funny is they told me they don't have anyone lined up to move into our apartment. So in reality it wasn't like the notice time would have made a huge difference.

So they then told us we would be charged for the extra weeks we had to stay to meet the 60 day requirement. I asked what the total would be and was told by two different people an amount, to look at my account a few days later and see that it is now $300 more than the amount they told me. I asked them and they said the amount that they originally gave me was the amount I used to pay for rent, but after that it went up so I have to pay the new amount they charge for rent.

Keep in mind the day I went into to the office to sign papers that we were leaving this horrible place we were still told the price I knew we had to pay. They have no genuine management skills, I'm sick of their excuses on things "they can't change" I will never recommend anyone to live in a Camden.

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